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    Kenneth Loeb is the Executive Chairman of Ambassador Realty Inc.

    Kenneth Loeb was fortunate enough to engage in multiple careers each building strength, confidence, and expertise throughout. Kenneth Loeb has been a successful litigation lawyer and has maintained his law license. Kenneth moved on to owning/managing a packaging business with a proven record of success for over thirty years.


    He joined the board of directors of a publicly listed company in the defense and health field and eventually was appointed Chairman. The company stock price consistently outperformed the S & P index throughout his tenure. Kenneth Loeb currently devotes the majority of his time to commercial real estate holdings in Canada and the USA where his past experience has benefited the stability and growth of the company.

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    Business executive Kenneth Loeb recently discussed everything you should know about commercial leases. A commercial lease can determine whether a business succeeds or fails. In fact, many business owners are unaware of just how different commercial leases can be from residential leases....
    The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Investors have been on edge, as the market took a major downturn when the virus began to take hold in early 2020. However, several actions taken by the Federal Reserve could benefit homeowners or those wanting to take out a mortgage in...
    A diversified real estate portfolio is often a profitable one. Investor and business executive Kenneth Loeb recently discussed how redeveloping existing commercial properties, as opposed to solely investing in residential real estate, can be an ideal investment opportunity. "There is a lot of...
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